Mindful Meeting Invitation

A template for Outlook and other calendar clients for encouraging good meeting invitation etiquette

To use the template, press the Copy To Clipboard button and paste it into your meeting invitation.


  • Invitation sent


What we want to accomplish during this time:

  • Decide on this
  • Finish that
  • Etc.


What activities or topics we’re planning to do or discuss:

  • Discuss this topic
  • Run this activity
  • Etc.


What participants need to do in advance of the meeting to make it productive:

  • Read this
  • Do this
  • Etc.

Organizer Checklist

  • I only requested the time of people who really need to be here (or designated them as optional).
  • I confirmed that required attendees are free at this time.
  • I included the goal, agenda, and any needed preparation above.
  • I accounted for both co-located and remote participants.
  • I scheduled only the time needed.
  • I have included the project billing code, if relevant:

Have a suggestion or want a copy of the Mindful Meeting Invitation template? View the project on Github