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Money Moves for Teens Podcast

I’m Talia, and I created this podcast because I think kids my age don’t get a good enough education on how to manage money. This is something we should be learning and talking about now so we’ll be better prepared for the future.

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The word failure comes with a heavy weight attached. And usually a negative feeling. But what if I told you that that shouldn’t be the case? That failure should be more widely accepted and viewed as a positive thing? In this episode, I’ll be covering 5 reasons why you should reflect upon and communicate your business failures to others.

Why you should talk about your business failures

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So, you’re just starting to get paid. Every month a new paycheck comes in. Where are you putting that money? Are you keeping it in a drawer in your room, or are you spending all of it, out with friends? In other words, how are you managing your money? In this episode, I’ll be covering exactly how you can begin to manage your money as a teenager.

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Learning the basics of money as teens helps us create good saving and spending habits today and take advantage of investing for tomorrow.

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Many parents struggle with their own finances and want to have constructive conversations with their teens about money.

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Teens don't learn much about personal finance in school. Teachers can use this information to better prepare their students.