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Money Moves Favorites

Here are some of my favorite products and services, that I think you should try!

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I have used Canva for the past two years and this website makes the design process for your advertising very simple. I’ve created business cards and flyers for my tutoring business, as well as, posters, and one-page designs for school projects. It is very easy to use, and there are templates you can start with that help make your finished product look professional. I definitely recommend looking into Canva if you plan on marketing with business cards and flyers.

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The Non-Designer’s Design Book

As I talked about in my 13th episode, this book is incredibly helpful when it comes to designing advertisements for your business. Usually your advertisements will be the first thing people see when it comes to your business, and you want to make that first impression a positive one. Whether you’re designing business cards, flyers, or even an entire website, you will find lots of value in this book.

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Bullet Journal

Managing school, a business, chores, and more, is not easy. Because of this, I’ve implemented several habits into my daily routine that help balance these areas of my life. One of my habits is keeping a daily to-do list. I use a bullet journal for this task, and this has helped with my organization immensely. And bullet journals don’t only have to be for to-do lists; writing down your thoughts in general is known to relieve stress and anxiety. This is the journal I use, and I hope you will benefit by using it also.

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